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BANDMAN Musical Instrument Repair Services in Altoona, PA


Woodwind Play Condition Service
Woodwind Re-pad Service
Woodwind Instrument Overhaul

Woodwind Repairs

As a musician, there is a certain expectation of quality sound. We need an instrument that plays in tune, effortlessly. A skilled musician becomes a part of the instrument to bring forth the music being played. Keeping an instrument properly serviced is the primary way to enable ease in performance.

We know accidents happen all the time. They get banged, dented, dinged, dropped, and damaged more often than we may want to admit. Trumpet valves get sticky, saxophone neck corks get compressed, flutes can lose their head cork and crown, and keys and buttons go missing. BANDMAN has the training, knowledge, skills, tools, parts, and supplies to do the job correctly—so when it is time to remove the duct tape or some other makeshift fix, get in touch.

From minor fixes to complete overhaul, we welcome the opportunity to discuss repair options with you. We aim to please by offering an invaluable service at a value price, and always provide a free repair estimate before any work is done.

Bandman repairs get you back to doing what you love—playing your instrument. Contact us today to find out more.

Instrument Repair Process – Photo Galleries

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