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About BANDMAN Rental & Repair, LLC of Altoona, PA

BANDMAN is a family-owned business, which means we share your values and concerns when it comes to representing the area’s musical talent. Central PA is full of pride for its musical heritage and that carries over every time a performer uses an instrument we sell and service. You are invited to check our products to see for yourself the quality name brands we have to offer.

While it takes expert craftsmanship to manufacture an instrument, it also takes technical knowledge and skill to keep them performing as they should. Cleaning, adjusting, tuning, and other repairs will keep your musical instrument in top-notch form. BANDMAN is famous for our repair service and attention to detail. We work hard to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. With our repair-by-mail service, we can also help save you time and energy in getting your instrument in proper working order, and returned to you, safe and sound.

Our promotion of and service to the performing arts goes beyond what is contained within our walls. BANDMAN strives to support all collegiate, public and private school music programs. We also encourage everyone to discover a sense of personal accomplishment that comes from playing a musical instrument. Count on us as your musical resource as you enhance your musical skills.

Community Participation

At BANDMAN, we say that we are “promoting the arts, one instrument at a time!” We do this by helping our customers play, practice, and perform on a daily basis. This drive also translates to our free time, where we are also conscious of supporting local music festivals, and community-based concerts. In addition, we offer private music lessons and perform with the Altoona Symphony Orchestra, The Altoona Brass Collective, The Hollidaysburg Community Band, Altoona Community Theatre, P&J Productions, The Santone Orchestra, The Pennsoulvanians, The Coal Alley Band, Half Tempted and various local churches.

As we’ve explained to school-age music parents and other customers numerous times, the ability to play and enjoy a musical instrument is a life-long endeavor. Music performance is a great way to take the skills learned in lessons and share them in the community. The thrill of personal performance can be enjoyed for many years to come. If you have questions about any of Bandman’s community-minded services, please contact us.